Office of Research Information Services

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The Office of Research Information Services

The Office of Research Information Services (ORIS) was created to improve the state of research support at the Smithsonian. In this very early phase of the development of research services, ORIS will concentrate on two vital areas. The first will be supporting researchers in their organizing, analyzing and sharing of research data. The other area of concentration will be to assemble a first-class research computing infrastructure.

SIdora  -  The software environment under development by ORIS, known as SIdora, supports the complete information lifecycle of the research process.  SIdora provides a suite of services that enable researchers to manage the digital information they create in their research activites, leaving behind a durable record of their work ready to be curated encouraging re-use and re-purposing by who ever finds it useful.

Research Computing Infrastructure  -  ORIS provides a high-performance computing system and the ability to move the large amounts of data needed for its use. We will also be working towards an appropriate way of enforcing the security of our software enviornment which supports the creative and collaborative nature of research activities.

Communities  -  Given the number of researchers at the Smithsonian, and limited resources available to ORIS, our services will be organized around the idea that communities of researchers with shared needs are our customers. We are actively working with pilot projects from different communities around the Institution and will be adding more projects as we can, with an eye to creating solutions to problems that benefit research more widely. 

User Services  -  ORIS staff provide a growing suite of services that must accompany the hardware and software environment. It is clear that these support services must be a collaborative effort with other units at the Smithsonian to provide the kinds of services needed.