Office of Research Information Services

Office of the Chief Information Officer


SIdora is a community-based open-source project to create a freely available software environment that is designed to capture the full output from research projects, including the intellectual context that organizes the digital artifacts created in the research process. The formal, structured information that results is designed to stand alongside the researcher's publications as the permanent record of the research, providing the ability to cite all or part of the information in the publications. From the researcher's point of view SIdora is designed to be a workspace, where the researcher is in complete control of the content and can use the well-managed content directly in their analysis and dissemination activities. From the institutional point of view, SIdora can provide a complete record of research projects ready to be curated for long-term management.

Though we hope that the system will support the retrospective capture of data from earlier projects, that is not the focus of this effort. The SIdora project is aimed at directly supporting the researchers through the entire lifecycle of their active research projects, leaving curatable data behind at the end. The tool set that we are creating to reach that goal is completely focused on the researcher. The SIdora system is designed from the ground up to be able to be used for long-term curation of the data that it contains, but the additional tooling needed by the curators will be added in later phases.